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On Snakes and Shedding My Skin

Snakes shed their skin regularly. They need room to grow.

I’ve been feeling tight and constrained for a while. Probably most of this year, in terms of blogging that is. I started blogging in 2008 with a completely different goal in mind than I have right  now. I have outgrown this place I call home, Putting God First Place.

I am not saying that my goal, back in 2008 wasn’t good, because it was.

I’m also not saying that putting God first place isn’t my goal in life anymore, because it still is.

However, my life has changed, my writing has changed, I have changed. With that, my blog needs a change.

Just like a snake needs to shed it’s skin to allow for growth, I need to say goodbye to this wonderful online home and explore new territory. I need room to grow.

Without realizing what I was doing, I had put myself in a self-created and self-constrained box with my writing and this blog.

I love how this site describes and compares the growth of humans to the shedding of snake skin:

When we get bigger with age, our skin grows right along with us. But snake skin has a limited capacity for growth and enlargement. Thus, when a snake outgrows the skin it’s in, it simply sheds the outer layer and starts fresh.

The appeal to start fresh is amazing. I simply cannot wait!

I don’t want to settle with ordinary, which I would do if I stayed comfy cozy on this blog. “Ordinary isn’t good enough.”

I want to be extraordinary and I want my message to be from my heart. I want to share things that matter. Things that are not just the “status quo.” Things that are a little scary…

After today, I will begin posting at my new blog home, a fresh start. Fostering Love at Home will be my new place to share my journey through life seeking to cultivate love all around me, and share updates about my new life as a mother to four kids through the foster care system. I am so excited!!!

{Subscribers: You should notice no difference and receive a post tomorrow (either through RSS or e-mail) from my new blog. However if you don’t, please re-subscribe here, I don’t want you to miss out on this new adventure!}

Feel free to check out my new site and browse a few of the pages I’ve got set up, including an updated “My Journey to Parenthood” timeline and some recent pictures of my kids in the side bar.

Also, I’ve got something really exciting planned for October, you’ll have to jump over to find out!

I cannot wait to see you here: