November, 2008 :: Putting God First Place - Part 2

Holiday Mail for Heros

I had the opportunity to participate in this program last year! It is a great way to add joy to someone’s day by doing something so simple!

In all, nearly 600,000 cards were screened for hazardous materials, sorted, and delivered in 2007. This year their goal is 1 million cards, are you going to help make this possible?

Below is some information from American Red Cross:

Holiday Mail for Heroes is a partnership between the American
Red Cross and Pitney Bowes to deliver one million holiday cards to American
service members, veterans and their families in the United States and around the
world. Please send cards to this address, following the guidelines listed below:

Holiday Mail for Heroes

PO Box 5456

Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

Here are the guidelines:

*All cards must be postmarked no later than Wednesday, December 10, 2008. Cards sent after this date will be returned to sender.
*If sending more than one card, please mail all cards together in one large shipping envelope. Cards sent in this manner do not need individual envelopes or postage.
*Please ensure that all cards are signed.
*Please use generic salutations such as “Dear Service Member.”
*Please do not include personal information, like email or home addresses.
*Please do not send letters.
*Please do not include inserts of any kind, including photos, glitter, confetti, gift cards or calling cards. Any items inserted into cards will be removed during the reviewing process.
*All cards received may be used in program publicity efforts, including appearing in broadcast, print or online mediums.

These men and women are serving for our country and our freedom! The least we can do is send them a card letting them know how much we appreciate the service they are doing for us!

Will you join me in supporting this effort and sending a card (Or more!)?