May, 2009 :: Putting God First Place

Moving Update

I am going to be so excited when we are packed, move, and then unpacked! Moving is hard work!!! And, I miss posting here regularly. I cannot wait until our life gets settled again…

So, let me give you all a moving update. We’ve got 11 days until our move in date at our new apartment. So far, I have gone through the entire house and sorted everything between pack, sell, donate, and trash. I’ve packed most of our non-essentials. We’ve had a yard sale and sold all of our belongings we wanted to sell. We’ve donated all of the belongings we didn’t want to keep. And we have thrown away everything that is trash, broken and not able to be fixed.

Now, things I still have to do. I am going to start disassembling our large items this week and pack the rest of our non-essential belongings. Then, next week I will be packing the rest of our belongs, and probably packing a suitcase to live out of for a couple of days. Finally, next Friday we will be moving all large items and as many boxes as possible. Then Saturday, I will be moving the rest of our boxes and cleaning our current apartment. Then, I will start cleaning, unpacking, and assembling at the new apartment.

Whew! Moving is a lot of work!!! I cannot wait until our life is back to normal. Although, it will be a new kind of normal at a new apartment.