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p.s. This Lady, She Is Amazing

In September of 2012, I moved my writing home to a new space titled Fostering Love at Home. I'd love for you to join me there!

I have a friend. We met online. In the past two years, I have been so humbly blessed and honored to get to know her more as our friendship grows.

She writes. She blogs. Her words so often touch my heart, written and spoken. She truly has a gift.

She’s a mother. I watch her raise her boys and sit in wonder at the gift of nurturing she gives them daily. She knows motherhood is a risk, but to her it’s worth taking!

I had the honor of lifting this friend up in prayer for the last several months, petitioning the Lord on her behalf. This past week I had the extra honor of rejoicing at the answer to my prayer!

She was just looking for a house, and I jumped for joy when one a street over from me was available! I told my husband how awesome it would be for her to be so close. I joked about making styrofoam cup and string communication devices and felt like I was 6 and had found a new friend again! lol…I won’t hold it against her that my plans won’t be able to be lived out!

This friend told me a few weeks ago that she wants to throw me a shower for our soon-to-come adoption. Not a shower to give gifts, but a shower to give prayer. I felt so blessed by her idea and encouraged at her support of our adoption.

This friend, she’s amazing.

We’ve fellowshipped together at homes, Panera, Starbucks, twitter (quite often!), and more places than I can remember.

No matter where we gather, I know one thing is certain. I will leave our interactions feeling built up.

This friend not only talks about this beautiful sisterhood, she lives it out. I am proof!

p.s. Jessica is this amazing women. She blogs at The Reluctant Sojourner and Our Montessori Home. I am blessed to call her a friend.

Wonder why I am posting about my amazing friend? Well, I am so excited to join the (in)courage bloom book club and read their next book, You’re Already Amazing.

To celebrate this new book selection and the message of this newly published book, I am joining several women and sharing about someone I know that is already amazing. Simply put, Jessica is amazing and I had a reason to share it with the world, so why not?


In September of 2012, I moved my writing home to a new space titled Fostering Love at Home. I'd love for you to join me there!

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  • Jo

    It was so nice to come across your site. I can relate to the post about meeting your special friend online. I too met a wonderful sister in Christ online about 7 yr’s ago and we are such great friends. We have never met in person though. Someday we will meet in our heavenly home though. She lives in northern Maine and I live in southern Florida. Can’t get any further away in the continental US I guess! But we have supported and encouraged each other along the road of life. Vicky is the sister I never had and is such a blessing. Sisters in Christ bond instantly. I enjoyed your site. All for Him, Jo Crane