5 Steps to Enhance Your Sex Drive

As a relationship progresses, the desire for wild sex at every hour of the day and night can, and must, begin to wane. Stress at work, the responsibilities of family life and everyday chores can take their toll on the romance, passion and lust in your relationship. Therefore, sex slips onto the back-burner.

This, of course, is perfectly natural; there will always be an ebb and flow to your libido. However, problems can occur when your sexual desire ebbs and doesn’t return

The truth is that no one, man or woman, has a constant libido. However, if you fear that you’re slipping into a sexless relationship, there are steps that you can take to enhance your sex drive.

1. Read Some Erotica

We women are stimulated most by our brains, so reading and thinking about sex can do wonders to put us in the mood for passion. Even if you’re not feeling very sexy, a little erotic fiction can put you into a highly aroused state extremely quickly.

1042. Masturbate

The fact of the matter is that the more pleasurable sex you have, the more you want. So, if you’re getting lots of orgasms, you’ll want lots more. Also, masturbation is the most effective way to get to know your body and what turns you on most. Once you know how best to pleasure yourself, reaching orgasm through intercourse is much easier.

3. Schedule Time for Sex

Spontaneous sex is great, but, if you and your lover have busy lives, there can be long periods between your time alone together. So, it may be a good idea to have a scheduled time for a night of passion. In addition, if your libido is on the fritz, you’ll find that knowing you have an ‘appointment’ can help to build some sexual tension and increase your excitement.

4. Take Time Over Foreplay

Whenever possible, ensure that you’re taking the time to become fully aroused before you indulge in intercourse. Foreplay is, without doubt, one of the best ways to do this. Whether you and your lover give each other sensual massages, undress each other or just take time to luxuriously explore each other’s bodies, it’ll all help in getting you in the mood for sex.

5. Talk to Your Lover

Make sure that you and your partner talk about sex, discuss your, and his, needs and acknowledge the fact that it may have been a while since you last spent any time together. Brushing the problem under the carpet, won’t make it go away and, in fact, it can make it worse.

I also recommend talking to your lover about new sexual experiences you’d like to try, and ensure that you both flirt with each other as much as possible.

Of course, relationships aren’t all about those raging hormones that keep you in bed for days on end at the beginning. However, we should all be careful not to let the importance of sex slip from our radars.

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