7 thoughts guys have during sex

If sex wasn’t part and parcel of this world, then it would be the worst place to inhabit. Now that it’s there then people need to enjoy every bit of it for extra pleasure. When a man is fucking a lady many things are involve not just between himself and the other partner too. For the case of this erotic stuff, focus shall be on what a man thinks of when she is inside the lady’s vagina. There is nothing so sweet like having your dick inside her wet pussy. Here are some of the things guys think of during the romantic session.

Has She Reached Orgasm?

547d662f8975b_-_couple-kissing-lgA girl will look down to you if you fuck her and fail to make her reach orgasm. This is the peak point of their sexual experience and if they can’t achieve it when doing the act with them, they will no longer view you as a man. Make sure you fuck her until she makes the loudest noise ever and she squirts.

How Many times will I ejaculate?

Some time a man may have the worst moment when she fucks a girl for just a round and he can’t do anymore. One shot is not enough for a man hence during sex; many will forever be overwhelmed with the thoughts of how many ejaculation he will achieve.

Which sex style to use?

Man on top and the other below should not be the only norm during sex. A real man is that who is able to exercise different sex styles which also play a critical role of satisfying the female. Dog style is cherished by every person who is sexually active hence it can never be ignored. The lady may want the missionary style which is common but you need to be an expert by introducing her to other erotic styles.

Should I try Anal Sex?

No every couple love or have ever tried anal sex because they view it as a taboo. That should not be the case because anal sex has been there and is now even more popular. You lady can opt to cheat you with another man who is willing to offer you this style. If both of you are afraid you can choose to start with anal toys before doing the real thing.

Will She Offer Me Blow Job

Sex PositionDon’t be afraid of asking her for this arousing style which will make you cum almost immediately. Make sure that when she offers you blow job go ahead and ask her to sprinkle the sperm on her boobs or on your stomach. This is quite romantic and memorable.

Can I lick her clit?

This is nothing to fear because she likes it but she may be afraid of asking you to do it. It’s time to have a taste of that sour stuff found on the precious part of her body.

What if I experience premature ejaculation?

Never mind if you are a victim of premature ejaculation because it may be caused by stress but why don’t you use vitality drinks?

It’s now time for partying at bed.

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