Are successful men usually the victims of lonely wives?

One of the big and most common myths in media is that highly successful and driven guys are so driven, so successful and so focused on making it that they basically push their wives to the side. Not surprisingly, according to the media, a lot of these lonley wives end up having sex behind the backs of their successful husbands.


There’s a lot of sourgrapes involved in that misconception. According to many surveys, extramarital affairs and cheating incidence rate among different classes are pretty much the same. What is different here is the media portrayal. They like to think that these cheating housewives are essentially just getting back on their husbands. There seems to be some sort of undercover joy portrayed by the media in regards to some sort of poetic justice that this guy ends up dominating the business world, but ends up a complete and total miserable failure where it really “counts” which is his home. This really is too bad because when you look at the reality of the situation, almost all marriages are susceptible to infidelity.

Couple in bed laughing and cuddling
Couple in bed  cuddling

A lot of people walk around like their marriages are very secure and they judge other people’s relationships. Usually, when people put in the time, effort, and bother to be so judgmental, they are personally unhappy with their own particular relationships. They try to compensate by projecting an air of superiority. Put it this way, people who are totally happy with their relationships and are comfortable in their own skins simply don’t have the time and inclination to get into other people’s business. Many of the people who judge or look down on wives who cheat are themselves lonely and feel that their relationships aren’t living up to their fullest potential. However, instead of minding their own business and taking care of their personal emotional business, they make it their business to intrude on others’ personal lives.

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