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Craving Margin and Peace

Without any intention of doing so, I took a blogging break.

Life has a way of forcing what you need sometimes, right?

My throat feels dry, it’s because I need water. My stomach grumbles, it’s because my body needs food to fuel me.

I needed rest and margin and time to seek peace from the only One who can give it overflowing.

Because I needed these things, so desperately, my desires to blog and write were gone. I had nothing to say. No words would come.

You know what? I really needed it more than anything.

I needed time away.

Time in the Word, deep.

Time to pray, without ceasing.

Time to be with the body and be encouraged.

I needed those margins in my life so that the Lord would work within me and give me a sense of abundant peace.

Lately, within me has been much turmoil, questioning, worry, unknown…if I would have allowed it, those feelings would have consumed me. I know because it’s happened before. It’s kind of my default…

Instead of allowing myself to swim in those overwhelming feelings, when my world was filling with unknowns and I had nothing in my control to do about it, I sought comfort from the One who knows what my future holds, even when it’s unclear to me.

I know where to find rest. I am reminded as a song comes on my Pandora station.

I’m restless. I’m restless.
’til I rest in You, ’til I rest in You.
Oh God, I wanna rest in You.

{click here to listen to the song by Audrey Assad}

I craved margin and peace because that it what I needed. I needed to rest in the arms of the One who can carry me.