How To Calculate A Tip For A Chicago Sex Worker

Tipping is the favorite pastime of America and there is nothing to tell someone ‘thank you’ like some few dollars. This happens after most everything like when the car has been washed, the furniture has been delivered and the flat tire had been changed. However, here comes the question, when you should tip Chicago call girls and how much you have to tip.

If you have been with a sex worker, then you will have to say thank you and you can do this with a tip. You should not think that tipping is about throwing the money at someone, but it is about saying thank you.

How much you tip, it will depend on the quality of the service you got. It can be too exceptional or it is too terrible.

If you don’t have enough amounts, you can ask the person to break a big bill so that she can give you the change. You can also tell her that you will tip even more after sometime.

If you are not able to afford more, then you can tip as you want or you may give the no monetary gift like homemade cookies and nice cards.

Some people decide not to tip if the lady did not get too much information about you or you can tip if you want to be on the good side of the escort. If you want to see the escort again, then you should tip a small bonus. However, you should be careful since the escort may decide to come back to you only to get more tips. As you become a repeat customer, you will have to give something extra to the girl whenever you meet her. The tip will not have to be money always, for example you can give her flowers or take some money over. The rule is normally 10-20 percent of the service. If she blown away your mind, then show this through giving enough tip. If you want to go back, you have to be too nice and show that you love her. If you do not plan to go back, then you will not have to tip since there will be no reason to do so.

It is easy to calculate the tip according to the service you got. If it is a good service, it is 18 to 20 percent of the bill. If it is an average, then you can calculate it down to be 15 percent. For worst services, give at least 10 percent. If you got the service beyond your expectation, you should tip over 25 percent of the bill.

Besides the escorts who come to you, you have also to give a tip to girls who entertain you. This also includes the topless girls at the club. You have to know that giving a tip is not only courteous, but it also helps the service workers. Since they are not paid enough, so they want your tip to survive. This is, even so, if you are meeting an escort from an agency since the money you pay; she will have to divide it with the agency.

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