Is it a sin for a christian to go to a strip club or to watch strippers?

Every person has the choice of doing whatever he/she likes in life and no one should come on their way to deny them their wish. Having that said you need to make your own decision when you want to meet your sexual desires. Strippers come in handy in most cities around the world and they are there to make people live a happy life away from their homes. There is no reason why you should forever be bored because no one is in your home to uplift your soul. In case you need sexual intimacy any time of the day or night, it will be ideal if you search for girls who are offering lap dances in strip clubs. The problem is that some people may find it to be a form of fornication to visit such places.

dsc_4507That should not bother you if you are a Christian because a man is to error. You may think that you are sinning because you are going to stripping clubs but that sentiment does not add up. Why? You may fail to go to these adult entertainment joins but according to your religion, all sins are equal. Why should you deny yourself good things like having a clear view of strippers upon your table because of Christianity when it can’t rule other sins that you make? It will be a good idea to attend these clubs to view exotic and erotic girls and later on apologize for your sins.

You only live once and nothing should hinder you from enjoying your life to the fullest. You could be a Christian just by religion but not a staunch one. You can choose to have fun in strippers club if you can’t find it elsewhere. Why should you live a solitude life because of your religion when you are very certain that there is a place where you can find some comfort? People can attend their churches during Sundays and later on add much fun at strippers club.

stripclubparameters_fullsize_story2Going to strippers club should not be a sin because you don’t fornicate. You will not be going there to have sex but to quench your thirst for sexy ladies who know how to dance than no one else. They are very thrilling and this will make you to appreciate the human generation. This is just like a sign of appreciating what the heavenly god created.

There is time for everything and everyone should be aware of that meaning that you can choose to adhere to your religion at certain schedule, then fun time at strippers club too. If nature is able to balance its own course why don’t you follow the suit? The world is a cycle where today you can be a good person and tomorrow another case. You can be a Christian today and the other day a stripper but to stay safe, you need to appreciate both of them. Strippers are there to arouse your sexual intimacy while the church is there to feed your soul with eternal life. They are both useful to your life hence they are not supposed to be ignored.

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