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5 Steps to Enhance Your Sex Drive


As a relationship progresses, the desire for wild sex at every hour of the day and night can, and must, begin to wane. Stress at work, the responsibilities of family life and everyday chores can take their toll on the romance, passion and lust in your relationship. Therefore, sex slips onto the back-burner. This, of …

The Fine Art of Sexting: A Beginner’s Guide


By now, you’ve probably heard of sexting – the soundbyte-friendly media term for, ahem, the act of exchanging erotic messages and/or images over digital channels. In plainer terms, sexting is exactly what it sounds like. The media buzzes a lot about teens involved in this because people need something to clutch their pearls over, but …

7 thoughts guys have during sex


If sex wasn’t part and parcel of this world, then it would be the worst place to inhabit. Now that it’s there then people need to enjoy every bit of it for extra pleasure. When a man is fucking a lady many things are involve not just between himself and the other partner too. For …