The ultimate guide on how to make guys fall in love

Understand that if he doesn’t call, he’s NOT interested

For this I will quote the great movie “He’s just not that into you”. It’s the best way for you to understand. Whatever you think, whatever you felt on that date, whatever he told you that seemed genuine (it probably was genuine – on the moment), whatever your girlfriends think or heard from someone else, whatever you tell yourself: if he’s not texting you, he’s not interested. But don’t panic ! A situation is never completely lost. You can still follow the other rules to win him back. Indeed, if he’s not texting you, don’t text him yourself. You’re just going to push him away more, seem desperate, and hence appear unattractive. And don’t try to bump into him by mistake, for example by hanging out with his friends etc. What you can do is post beautiful photos of yourself, hanging out with guys. He doesn’t need to know it’s really your brother or your cousin.

fallBut the only real way to win him back is to try as hard as you can to FORGET about him. Why would you run after a guy who’s showing no interest in you anyway?! I personally don’t respect men who keep texting me even when I haven’t answered. A bit of self-respect, ladies ! You are beautiful and amazing and you deserve all the attention and love in the world. The guy that will make you happy and satisfied is the one who calls you, and wants to see you. The good thing is that, if you really try to move on (for instance by going on dates with other guys – for this I suggest Tinder, Bumble and Happn. I know how to sounds, but I encourage the use of the apps simply to meet new guys, go on dates, get distracted, and appear unavailable to the one you really want- kissing strangers when going out, giving your number to the ones who ask for it, swamping yourself with work), he will feel it and will run back to give you attention. Because as we have seen, guys fall in love with busy, unavailable girls. But truly busy girls. Pretending you’re moving on just to get his attention won’t work. That’s a waste of time. You shouldn’t even want him to know you went on dates. It’s so much more powerful if he senses you’ve been seeing other guys but you’re not talking about it. It will create an aura of “mystery” that guys can’t resist. Indeed, we will see the powers of mystery in our next article.

Be Mysterious

Be mysterious. Mystery drives men crazy. Okay, that’s a bit of a vague advice. But guys fall in love with mysterious women, so let’s give some examples. This rule goes hand in hand with the second one, to never text a guy. If you don’t text him, he’ll wonder what you’re doing, thinking, feeling. So, similarly, when he does text you, take your time to answer ! A mysterious woman is not always on her phone. A mysterious woman has other, better things to do. Always take 5 minutes to answer (and after a while of course you can talk instantly, if you’re both online on Whatsapp for example) if you’ve been dating for a few months. Take a few hours to answer to the first message of the last few days, if you’ve been dating for a few weeks. And, you got it, absolutely take a few days to answer when he texts you for the first time after you met. He’ll wonder if you didn’t like him, if you left the country, if you actually have a boyfriend. And he’ll be SO happy when you do answer. Remember – guys love bitches. Ah, mystery is amazing ! It triggers curiosity and attracts attention. And it’s therefore an incredible manipulation tool. You could be watching a movie alone at home, depressed.. But if you don’t answer when he asks you what you’re doing, he’ll think you were out partying. Yes, you don’t need to answer all of his questions. You can cultivate your mystery by avoiding some questions, or point blank not answering. If he insists, smile and change the subject. If he’s a polite person, he’ll know better than to insist, and will always wonder what secrets your beautiful creature hides. Also, it’s good manners to not live too public of a life. So you also win points there.

Don’t be needy

how-to-make-a-man-fall-in-love-with-youOr at least hide it. Be confident. Or at least fake it. Do everything you can not to seem needy, at least until you’re properly dating, until you really have him. There is nothing less attractive than a girl needing you when you’re still figuring out what you want with her. Don’t text him unless he texted you first, don’t ask him on dates even though you’re dying to see him again, always let him decide when you will next meet, don’t complain about your boss or your family to him. Don’t ask to meet his parents, don’t call him crying if you’re upset about something. Call your girlfriends ! A guy who you’ve only been dating for a bit shouldn’t already be replacing your father figure. Indeed, in the first few weeks or months of seeing each other, don’t expect him to text you every day all day. Don’t expect him to come see you before anyone else. The first few months of your relationship should only be for you guys to get to know each other better, and have a good time.The good thing is that, if you don’t expect all of the above from him, and if you don’t let him know that you want it badly, he will end up giving it to you. This is because guys want to put a girl first, when she doesn’t seem to want it or to need it. And that is because there is no pressure, no sense of responsibility. The guy, in that case, feels like he’s free, because he’s choosing himself to put the girl first. (This, of course, is how we trick him.) But if she asks for it when the guy hasn’t even officially called her his girlfriend…he will run away. Make it seem like he doesn’t have any responsibility with you. Make it seem like you’re easy going, like it’s easy to date you. He will never get enough of you.

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