10 Tips On How To Kiss A Girl Romantically

kissAre you a good kisser? Have you ever behaved awkwardly when you were kissing a girl? As you know, a kiss can tell many things about the prospective romance of what two potential lovers are. As your first kiss to a girl, if it works well or in other words, you kiss a girl romantically and passionately, and the girl reacts to your kisses emotionally and enthusiastically, you will see the chemistry in your relationship. And, it is very possible that the relationship between the two of you will hit it off, and certainly you don’t want to see a dead fish in the development of the relationship. Well, how you can kiss a girl romantically? Here are some tips instructing you to do them well:

How To Kiss A Girl Romantically

In reality, there is no good kisser or bad kisser, there are some techniques you need to learn and just like a learning curve, the more you practise it and get known what the girl really expects from you, the more romantically you will kiss the girl. So in life, it really takes time to become a romantic kisser.

However, in a girl’s eyes, you are a romantic kisser, and it doesn’t mean that you are a passionate kisser for the other girl.

1. Take Time

Don’t jump into the pool thinking in this way, you can catch a fish. Take everything slowly, you can gaze at her eyes, and place your wet lips on hers, then slowly after a few seconds, you can start to kiss her chin, cheeks and down to her neck. At least you need to give her time to sense your tenderness and gentleness. The sensual skin touch will bring the two of you closer.

2. Keep Your Lips Kissing Going

When both of you start kissing, don’t put your tongue into the girl’s mouth immediately so you can continue kissing her lips as long as you can because lip kisses can give you a feeling of giving and taking, just like testing the water to see whether the girl really likes your kissing.

3. Touch Each Other’s Face

When you kiss the girl’s lips, you can use your hands to hold her cheeks, and move your lips from hers to kiss her eyebrow, the tip of her nose, cheeks and chin so as to create a very romantic atmosphere.

4. Don’t Be Distracted

When you kiss the girl, you need to concentrate on kissing. Any distraction during the course of kissing will lead to a poor outcome.

5. Be Aggressive

In the course of kissing, the man usually takes the lead. Your gentle yet aggressive demanding will lead the girl to a high and sensual situation, and both of you will enjoy the passionate sensation.

6. Hand Movement

During kissing, you can move your hands from her back up to hold her hands. And you can also use your fingers as a comb to brush her long hair. Your hand movements can also create and express your passion and romance.

7. Always Keep Your Lips Wet

Your wet lips can make you look attractive. And when you kiss the girl, your wet kiss can lubricate both of your lip movements.

8. Create A Romantic Atmosphere

You can kiss the girl in a dimly lighted room; the environment and atmosphere give the girl encouragement and confidence to show her romance and passion to you.

9. Don’t Hurt Each Other

Gentle and tender kissing is always romantic, and two lovers will enjoy the pleasurable moment. Kissing too hard will cause a negative effect on the girl.

10. Kissing Space

Man is an aggressive and dominant human, however in kissing, you need to give the lead to the girl and let her kiss you aggressively. In turn, you take the lead. By doing this, each of you can learn the other’s kissing style.

How to kiss a girl romantically is not hard. Understanding each other’s kissing style is a key factor. If you remember the tips mentioned above, your romantic kissing style will attract the girl.

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